Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ewww...Your kids aren't vaccinated.

As a new blogger, I will try to keep from bringing up too many controversial topics.  I do want people to read and the quickest way to stop that is being too controversial.  I do want to touch on this topic though because I am a parent, my kids aren't vaccinated, and it's close to my heart.

Several years ago, I met a dad and we became close friends.  One of the secrets he shared with me was that his kids were not vaccinated.  He never explained all the reasons why whether religious, medical, etc.  but he did say that he didn't share that information with a lot of people because if they knew, his children would lose friends.  I thought it sad that he felt that way.  Then again, my children weren't vaccinated either, so what was there to be concerned about.

Children's vaccinations should be an educated choice, not a mandated rule.  One doctor explained it to me that it was our mistake to make, either way.  I liked how she put it and have remembered that ever day.  You see, my oldest daughter has most of her vaccinations. Not all were done on the mandated schedule, but they were pretty much all done.  Shortly after her last vaccine, the MMR, she had her first febrile seizure.  She was two.  The coincidence was too much for us to handle.  No, the vaccine didn't cause the seizure.  The fever (105+) brought on by the vaccine caused the seizure.  Vaccines don't cause fevers, right?  Oh yeah, and febrile seizures are harmless too.  Well, a year later, she had another seizure brought on by a high fever.  Yes, the first ER doctor told us that this could happen.  No, we didn't expect it.  That was it!  Our decision was made.  We did our due dilegence and we did what we thought best for the health of our children.

Two children later, and neither of them have been vaccinated.  They have lived healthier, less dramatic childhoods then the first.    Our pediatrician decided they weren't going to take care of them anymore because they were not vaccinated.  See ya later Doc.  It's my choice, not yours.  Which brings me to another point.  Parents of vaccinated children, what are you scared of?  My kids are the ones "unprotected."  If they are the carriers of the apocalyptic plague, you should be safe, your vaccinated.  We should be more afraid of your children, then you are of mine.  Yours have been exposed, mine have not.  Mine can't make yours sick if the vaccinations work.  Just sayin.

Having your children vaccinated is a parent's choice and right.  They can still go to school (In most states), they can still live normal lives.  Nothing is different except that they aren't exposed to the same things other children have been exposed to.   It's your choice though.  In my heart and mind, I have made the right choices for my children.  That's what being a parent is about right, trying to make the right choices for your kids.  I've said before, I'd do anything for my kids and I meant it.


DiaperDads said...

Every issue known to parenthood is polarized to the point of absurdity. Every issue has two camps and both of them will tell you that the other option will kill your kid.

When our first son was born, we were told by a pediatrician that "the road to today's baby formula is paved with dead babies." My wife and I were agog! Did he just say that baby formula is tantamount to genocide?

The key is this. Screw what everyone else thinks. You love your girls and that's a far cry better than some kids get. Just keep doing what you're doing!

Anonymous said...

That is definitely a controversial topic. Another choice that many parents aren't aware of is choosing select vaccines. It does seem to be all or nothing on this topic. @SaskaDad