The Supers

Well, it all starts with Mom.  I tried to think of a cool nickname for her today, but Mommisaurus and Mommilicious were voted with a resounding no.  So, we will keep it simple and call her Mom.  She's the back bone of the family.  The glue that binds us together.  She's super strong, intelligent, funny, compassionate, honest, and I love her.  So everyone, here's Mom.
Next we have Random Girl.  She's the oldest, the smartest, and the most crazy of all our children.  She is our first blessing and one that got this whole party started.  She's in first grade now, learning new things, meeting new people, and just plain growing up way too fast.  She's a huge help to her Mom with the other two and just a great kid to be around.  We thought she may be a doctor, lawyer, etc... when she grows up, but now we think teacher is a perfect fit.

Right in the middle is Monkey.  I'm not sure how she got this name except that she has always loved to climb and swing.  It fits.  She will be the gymnast in the family.  She will be the one that is hard to control as well.  She's headstrong and confident in all she does.  Her older sister is teaching her everything she learns at school, so we suspect she's going to be pretty smart too.  She's 100 mph, 27 hours a day.  She could give the energizer bunny a run for his money.  Everyone, here's my little monkey. 

And here comes Punky Doodles.  Yes, it's a blend of Punky Brewster and a Mangna doodle.  She's the sweetheart.  She's just really started talking well and she's now almost officially potty trained.  The youngest of the clan, she's waited on hand and foot by everyone, including me.  She will be the spoiled one until number four arrives.  For now though, she's the baby. 

Pictures to come, but our fourth crime fighting partner has arrive.  He will be known as Trei or BB whatever comes first.  His powers are yet unknown, but we are excited to see him grow and become the little man we know he'll be.  We already know he is a super eater, pooper, and a loud sleeper.  I guess we'll just have to see what develops next.

Well, that's us.  A super hero, crime fighting family.  We engage our foe with fun, laughter, and a lot of love.  Each of us bring our own unique take to this strange thing we call life and we couldn't imagine life without each other.  Just can't wait to see what our future has in store. 

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