Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Baby, New Worries

You would think after having three beautiful, happy, healthy girls that the wife and I would be old pros at this pregnancy thing, but alas, we still have more to learn.  We can pull the heartbeat out of the air and read a ultrasound as good as a tech, but is still so much to know, especially with a new one. 

 On our most recent doctor's appointment, the nurse mentioned that my wife's Rubella antibodies were off.  My first response when my wife mentioned that was, Rubella?  Apparently, my wife is not immune and her antibodies were off.  So, the research began.  Nasty little virus this Rubella is and it can do some major damage to the unborn baby.  Great, something new to be concerned about.  Not to mention that since the wife is now 35 (I was being nice, she just corrected me, she's 36), they asked if we wanted amniocentesis.  So, another thing to think about.

With all this little uncertainties, we started second guessing our decision not to have genetics testing.  We started second guessing our thoughts on vaccines and medicines.  We started second guessing everything.  So, as good parents, we tried to become educated and the best place was to ask the Doctor, duh!  So, my wife called and the doctor said there was absolutely nothing to worry about and that everything was fine.  Whew!  False alarm, back to normal.

Long story short, always trust your instincts. You know you better then anyone else and if you take the time to educate yourself and listen to your heart, it will all be fine.  What do you think?

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