Monday, December 5, 2011

Daddy's Date Night

So, it's a rare occasion, but every once in a while I try to go on a date with my oldest daughter.  The first date night was the year before last when we went Christmas shopping for Mommy. It was a great success and a joy to watch a 4 year old pick out a present for Mommy.  So, as these things tend to happen, a Christmas tradition began.

Tonight was a little different then usual.  Random Girl is 6 now going on 21 and able to give me a lot more thoughtful ideas for a Christmas present for Mommy.  There were other reasons tonight was unique as well.  Our first stop was the Dollar Tree.  Here my darling daughter picked out gifts for her sisters.  Not once did she ask for anything for herself.  She was very thoughtful in picking out something that each of her sisters would enjoy and they were very appropriate for each one.  I was so proud of her choices and her selflessness.  If you have a young child you know it's all to easy for it to become all about them.  I was amazed that tonight it wasn't. 

Our next stop was an eye opening experience for me as well.  My daughter apparently can pick out presents better for my wife then I can.  She gave me lots of great ideas that will make Mommy very happy and as not to ruin the surprise, we'll leave it at that. 

Chic-fil-a was our dinner location of choice as it has a playground and she wanted to go make some new friends.  They were having a birthday party and she enjoyed watching the other kids and eating her Kid's Meal.  She then went a played for hours on end until she was plain warn out.  I got her a milkshake since she had been so good and we headed home.
On the way home, Random Girl told me about Jesus and God and why we celebrate Christmas.  She is so smart.  She told me why Jesus was so important to us and about his mother Mary too.  I was so amazed that she has learned so much.  I wasn't raised in a very religious family and for her to learn this at such an early age through an after school program is just wonderful.  She understand the reason for the season and I don't think many 6 year olds can do the same thing. 

So, that's my little journey for tonight. I know it's not a lot, but it means the world to me and I just wanted to share.  Just when you think your kids aren't looking, they will surprise you to the point where you just kind of sit back in awe.  I love my girls.

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