Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Baby Kicks

I felt my new baby's first kicks today! What an exhilarating feeling. It's amazing how something so small can excite you so much and bring back so many memories. Contrary to what I might think on some days, I love being a Dad. I love everything about it. It's those baby kicks that remind me how fragile a child's life can be and how much I have to look forward too bringing #4 to our clan.

I can remember when my wife was pregnant with Random Girl. We lived in a small apartment, right outside of the town where I went to college. I was still a part time student, with a part time job, and we had very meager beginnings. At the height of her pregnancy, we had both gained some significant weight and had gotten quite large. When I say large, you have to take into perspective that all we had was a full size bed. We became very "close." I used to go to bed with that little girl kicking away at my back. Most nights it felt like a massage. I would wake up throughout the night to the pitter patter of those little feet on my back. I loved it. It's something I would not have gotten to experience in such detail had we had a different beginning to our life together and one that set me up to enjoy the little pleasures of pregnancy with my wife.  

So, now with #4, it's an amazing feeling to feel those kicks again. It's still so amazing to go to the doctor's office and hear that little heartbeat. It's all still so amazing. I am so blessed. What brings back those memories for you? What are the little things that you enjoy about being pregnant? Leave me a comment, I would like to know.

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