Friday, December 16, 2011

Who's Coming For Christmas?

So, every year we ask our children what they want for Christmas.  Most of the time it amounts to about every darn thing, but for my six year old, it was different this year.  She only asked for two things and she asked for them consistently.  Yes, my child is growing up, but it's way scary to hear what she wants now.

Justin Beiber now infatuates my little girl.  NO!  She wants a Justin Beiber doll.  Now I don't know if she really wants it for her, or if she wants it because everyone else wants it.  I can't figure it out yet, but I don't except that my little girl has been beiberized.  It's very scary for a DADD.  She also wants a makeup kit (to replace the one her sister's broke last year.)  She adds that last part consistently as well.  So, a my six year old wants makeup and a boy doll.  Someone please shoot me and put me out of my misery.  I thought I would at least escape this stress until she was a teen/pre-teen, but I guess not.  My little girl is growing up.

So, the next hurdle is the fact that Santa is not bringing her a Justin Beiber doll this year.  Have you priced these things?  They are ridiculous.  I just can't justify getting her one on top of what else we have gotten her.  We thought her "Santa" gift this year would be a MP3 player since she now loves music.  We've gotten her some books she's wanted and a couple of odds and ends.  I feel guilty though because all she has asked Santa for is that doll and a makeup kit.  How can I not get it for her? 

What are your thoughts?  Beiber or no Beiber, that is the question.

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