Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our New Ride

Well, we sucked it up yesterday and traded in our totally awesome truck for a minivan.  I hate to see the fun thing go away, but I know it was necessary with number four on the way.  I never thought we would be a minivan family, but I know now that is was inevitable.  I guess I am growing up after all.

With that in mind, let me tell you about our new ride.  It's a 2007 Nissan QuestYes, not new as in brand new, but new to us and in a lot better shape then our previous 2005 Toyota Tacoma. 60,000 miles vs. 150,000 is kind of a no brainer.  It's fully loaded, which is also new to us.  It has all the functions that a family vehicle should have, including a DVD player.  All I can say is that's totally awesome.  It's roomy, seats are comfortable, and it's ride is smooth.  Even a cool feature the kids like is that they each have their own private sun roof.  How cool is that?  Every time we go out I feel like Captain Kirk is going to come over the intercom and give me some orders.  It's very futuristic looking.  I have to say that we have looked at many minivans and this is the coolest one yet.  If you've got to have a minivan, this is the one to have, definitely.

Now that I am done bragging about our new car, let me say it didn't come without a price.   We were about nine months from paying off the truck.  Oh how I hate having a car payment.  It is a lower payment and a shorter term, but the interest rate is ridiculous.   Sometimes I really do question my judgement, but I also look at it as no one knows what my family needs more then me and the wife.  If someone wants to judge me based on my decision, that's fine.  It's not your money, your time, or your family so get over it. 

That being said, it's nice to have a new car, not so nice to have a new payment, but GREAT to have a Nissan Quest.   Next time your in the market, check'em out.  I don't think you'll be disappointed.

(Pictures to Come)

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