Friday, November 11, 2011

Conversation with a Three Year Old

So, tonight my Monkey and I drove to my Mom's house to have a "sleep over" as my daughter puts it.  The trip takes about an hour, so for forty five minutes we had a great conversation.  She started by telling me about her school bus, which magically appeared at the stop light, and how it picked her up every morning and drove far, far, far over that way to take her to her school.  Said school, has a slide that looks "just like that one" at the church as we pass.  Then one day she went to the lake that we just crossed and stood on that dock right there, but she didn't get into the water because there was alligators that ate people.  Her bff Kayla (???) lives in that house right there, or there, or there, and they love to play hide and seek together in those woods right there.  She can't get into those woods though, so Kayla is lost and her Daddy can't find her.  We're on our way to Nana's house, but she doesn't have marshmallows.  She loves her dog Charlie, but he jumps on her.  Then the snoring begins.  It was really interesting to hear what was going on in my little girls head.  It made for good entertainment for a hour long trip and it made her happy to have her Daddy's undivided attention.  I wonder what kind of conversation we will have for the ten hour trip to Disney next year?


Allison said...

SO funny about the BFF Kayla! Carly has an imaginary friend named Kayla and so does another child in Sarah Bradley's class. Crazy.

SDADD said...

That name Kayla is just catchy, I guess. Probably be in he top baby name book next year.