Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Anxiously Awaiting

Well, in less then 24 hours, my wife and I will be in the hospital having our fourth child.  To say that I am not nervous and anxious and scared all at the same time would be a blatant lie.  You would think that by the fourth child we would be old pro's at this, but truth be told, every pregnancy has been different and this one is falling right in line.  It's just a natural part of life to wonder what could, would, and should happen.

Trei started out the same as every child we've had, SURPRISE!  Then everything was different.  Little man decided from the beginning to keep his head up.  Normally that would be a good thing, but not with a baby.  The child being breach was new and scarey.  We hadn't had to deal with that yet.  Then SuperMom was diagnosed with gestational diabetes.  Again, a scarey new experience.  Thank God for the internet to provide us with all the information of what could happen because of this.  Sometimes I wonder how we made it as children since our parents didn't have all this "good" info.  Oh yeah, less stress.  Time passed though and so did the worrying.  Little man fell right into position with weeks to spare and the diabetes was more of a hiccup then anything else.  The inconvience of daily sugar tests took care of that concern.  Now, as we have entered our 39th week, the concerns come back.  SuperMom has had a lot of contractions over the last several weeks.  Nothing regular, but painful for her and very uncomfortable.  With all this action, you would think we would be closer to her body being primed for labor, but progress is slow.  We have planned to be induced on Wednesday so that we don't have to worry about Trei being too big to be delivered naturally. (Another concern brought on by the diabetes.) We also have a host of other "good" reasons, but it is still nerve racking worrying and just plain not knowing.  So, we are all anxiously waiting the birth of our little boy.

Anything worth having is worth waiting for and we all know it will be alright in the end.  I will update as soon as little man makes his appearance, but for now, the show must go on. 

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